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Recruitment Fraudulent Alert

Be aware of scams involving fake job postings.

There have been instances of fraudulent job offers misrepresenting Hilton Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd. in the market. People have been offered fake jobs with Hilton Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd. or asked for payment to apply for a position. Only positions posted to the Hilton Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd. Careers Website and/or official LinkedIN page are valid and legitimate.  By making you aware of this, we hope to avoid, and ultimately prevent, unsuspecting individuals from falling victim to this scam.

What is Recruitment fraud?

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated scam offering fictitious job opportunities. This type of fraud is normally perpetrated through online services such as bogus websites, or through unsolicited e-mails claiming to be from the company. These emails request that recipients provide personal information, and ultimately payments, to process applications for jobs that do not exist.

How to identify Recruitment fraud?

1. The perpetrators will often ask recipients to complete bogus recruitment documentation, such as application forms, terms and conditions of employment. The company name and logo and address is often featured on the documentation without authority.

2. There is an insistence on urgency and an early request for personal information and interviews are conducted via telecom.

3. E-mail correspondence is often sent from (or to) free web-based e-mail accounts such as Yahoo.com, Gmail.com, Live.com or Hotmail.com etc.

5. Email correspondence appears to be sent from an officer or senior executive of the Company. If the email address doesn’t end with “@hiltonpharma.com” or “@hinucon.com” it most likely is not legitimate.

6. The perpetrators frequently use independent mobile number rather than UAN and/or corporate office number to communicate.

7. The perpetrators may even offer to pay a large percentage of the fees on account of travel and/or training and ask the candidate to pay the remaining amount.

By making you aware of these fraudulent schemes, we hope to keep you from being victimized, and ultimately to stop these schemes from being perpetrated against others.